Taste: Diesel & Pungent

Sour Diesel is an energizing sativa that gets its name from its pungent diesel-like aroma. Patients report invigorating & uplifting cerebral effects, making it great for relief when you need to be active.

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Buy sour Diesel Vape Cartridge.

Buy Sour Diesel Vape Cartridge, sometimes call Sour D, is an invigorating sativa-dominant strain name after its pungent, diesel-like aroma.

Evidently, This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have push Sour Diesel to its legendary status.

Stress, pain, and depression fade away in long-lasting relief that makes Sour Diesel a top choice among medical patients. This strain took root in the early 90’s, and it is believe to have descend from Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk.

Each strain-specific Vapura cartridge expresses the distinctive cannabinoid and aromatic signature of the plant.

Extract in the cleanest way possible. Vapura’s unique supercritical CO2 extraction process avoids using any solvents or high heat.

Thus preserving the terpenes that give each strain-specific small batch its unique fragrance and delicious taste. Vapura cannabis flower oil is truly pure and raw, with the plant’s natural terpene profile preserve.

So feel safe to Buy Sour Diesel Vape Cartridge because each cartridge contains 700mg Hash Oil with a variety of strain options. Contains 100% pure cannabis flower essence. Fits 510 thread pends

Extraction Technique

Also all concentrates are made with our proprietary extraction methods.

Thus make use of supercritical fluid extraction (SCFE) and Microwave Hydrodiffusion and Gravity (MHG) technologies, to achieve the highest degree of purity and clarity.

Raw materials are process at multiple stages until our concentrates are completely free of all solvents, contaminants and plant-material. Ensuring the cleanest tasting and most potent product possible.


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